The Void

by Three



I've asked both you and myself what you really want from me
Shut the fuckin blinds i can never get any sleep
Ive thought too many times I am in way too deep
Sometimes i really hate you
Sometimes I really hate what you turned me into

Years of self-medicating and all the while I thought I was better than this
I fear I could off myself and I don't think I'd be missed
What do you think?

Its hard to walk you out when i dont want you to go
Its tough to see you leave when i dont really know
The next time I'm gonna see you
The next time you'll be in my arms
The hindsight's gonna kill me
Thats a sham, I'll just go back to the start

Everything is changing so the circumstances won't allow this,
But I'm gonna to sleep a little better knowing I got my one, little kiss from you


released July 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Three Whittier, California

Three started as a solo project in 2009 with Elvis Lemus. Years went on with solo music making until 2015. Three recruits 3 young musicians, Randy, Mena and Gary to take over drums, guitar and bass. With the preparation of their first studio EP, here are the demo tapes for most songs you will hear. ... more

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